Yoga Mat Spray

Dhs. 65

100% Natural Cleaning Power

Give yourself that extra little boost with our naturally antibacterial Yoga Mat Spray that cleans and refreshes with sugarcane derived ethanol and an invigorating blend of Orange Blossom & Bergamot essential oils.


Spray the soliton to effectively rid your yoga mat of germs, dust, bacteria, and sweat without any harmful chemicals coming in contact with your body or the environment.


* Safe to use on hands.


Inspired by travels past & present, Wandersons Aromatics captures travel memories through the sense of smell, converting them to unique perfume compositions by encapsulating a fragrance, as if each were a scented photo. Our perfumery seeks not only to convey the scent memories in of various locations, but also their spirit. Each fragrance can evoke and remind us of our favorite destinations, thus becoming the catalyst for the next adventure. Let's travel together, and plant trees while we're at it.

Buy one, plant one. Every time a bottle of Wandersons Perfume Oil is purchased, a tree will be planted, representing that individual’s contribution and commitment to the planet. With your help, we will enable communities to restore their environment, grow more food, and build a more sustainable future.

We can't thank you enough for your continued support in changing people's lives forever. Our commitment to delivering only the highest quality products is fueled by our mission to change this planet for the better.

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