Yoga Mat Spray

Dhs. 65

100% Natural Cleaning Power

Give yourself that extra little boost with our naturally antibacterial Yoga Mat Spray that cleans and refreshes with sugarcane derived ethanol and an invigorating blend of Orange Blossom & Bergamot essential oils.


Spray the soliton to effectively rid your yoga mat of germs, dust, bacteria, and sweat without any harmful chemicals coming in contact with your body or the environment.


* Safe to use on hands.


Every Wandersons Cold Brew bottle helps create sustainable projects in developing nations to bring community members safe drinking water. Your purchase provides clean water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions to global citizens in need. A purchase of every Wandersons Cold Brew will be the gift to save actual lives to send a wave of transformation through struggling communities.

We can't thank you enough for your continued support in changing people's lives forever. Our commitment to delivering only the highest quality products is fueled by our mission to change this planet for the better.

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