Wilderness Navigation Flask

Dhs. 440

The great outdoors is even greater when you adhere to a few simple rules: know your route, pack smart, and always be prepared for happy hour. A mere flashlight to the uninitiated, this lightweight, military-grade aluminum vessel conceals five camping elements, including a glass-lined flask to preserve flavor and a pair of collapsible shot glasses. Fill up with your favorite cold nrew (Wandersons!), slip it into your pack, and break it out before you make it to the summit.


  • Compass

  • Flashlight

  • 2 shot glasses

  • Bottle opener

  • 250ml flask

  • 4-mode LED light including red and SOS

  • Batteries 


Made from:

Military Grade Aluminum.



Flask is 9" L x 2" D, 14.2 oz. Holds 250ML.


Before using, wash with warm water and light soap. Rinse with clean, warm water. Do not clean in dishwasher. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaning pads. Do not use to store liquids for longer than a week.

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