About Us

Wandersons is a small, artisan business designed to make a social impact that is inspired by travel and fueled by giving.

We care about the materials we use and are mindful about the impact we have on the environment and the world around us.

We believe you want everyday items which improve the lives of people who make them, because your purchase is helping shape the kind of world we live in.

We’re a sustainable human-scale business and our philosophy is one bottle at a time.

We aim to bridge the arbitrary industry divide between coffee blending and the art of perfume blending. Both businesses require meticulous mixing of ingredients, leaving customers with a potion of properties to help them get through the day as confidently as possible.

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Our Cold Brew

Our microbrewery’s line of cold brew serves you cold bottled coffee, but with a level of flair and care that elevates it above the status of just another drink. Our cold brew coffee concentrate is handcrafted in small batches. 18 hours of cold brewing produces a smooth, flavorful coffee with 70% less acidity than hot brew and can be enjoyed over ice. Drink it straight up or dilute it with water or milk of your choice.

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Our Perfumes

Inspired by travels past & present, Wandersons Aromatics pays homage to our ancestral nomadic lifestyle and bonds the universal spirit of freedom & adventure to encapsulate travel memories through the scent of smell. Our aromatics’ line of fragrance oils capture the experience of travel by locking memories in a fragrance. We pride ourselves for not using animal product derivatives nor test on animals. Our perfume oils are hand blended and bottled to order.

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